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We love all the buzzwords at NOYED-Ghana, sustainability, empowerment, systemic change, innovative, the list goes. However, these aren’t just words to us. Each project, programme and initiative that NOYED-Ghana undertakes focuses on the needs and wants of the beneficiaries. We pride ourselves on getting to know the communities and people we work with, on understanding who they are they challenges they face and why they face them. It is only once we know our communities can we fully understand the task, the goal and challenges that the organisation faces when implementing an activity or project.

NOYED-Ghana works in three thematic areas: As shown in the buttons below  
Northern region


Health is linked to so many developmentissues making it a complex thematic expanding acrossother areas including education, infrastructure and economics. NOYED-Ghana believes improved health leads to an improved livelihood and increased economic activity. Therefore we have a strong focus on the health and wellbeing of women, youth and children in society, as we believe without good health you cannot reach your full potential in life.

We specifically target youth in order to set in place a generational change, and women because we understand that education, knowledge and information is passed on more effectively from woman to child.

We understand that there are many factors that influence the health status of a community including, access, transport, resource availability, education and environment. Our grass roots approach to our health initiatives aims to reduce stigma, and establish long lasting behavioural and social change.


As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” NOYED-Ghana believes everyone has the right to quality basic education and that sustainable education leads to a sustainable and prosperous future.

Because of this we have a strong focus on enhancing and creating education opportunities for the most marginalized in our society including women, the girl child and people living with disabilities.

We believe that sustainable education means both formal and non-formal education understanding that each person learns differently and that adapting to this is vital to the success of person’s professional and personal development.

Northern region
Northern region

Women’s empowerment and livelihood

NOYED-Ghana seeks to provide young people and women with the tools and information that will enable them effectively grow and take on leadership positions, as well as participate in the decision-making processes of politics and governance. We focus on women’s livelihood as we believe that supporting and teaching a woman to be economically, physically and emotionally independent consequently supports her family and the community.

We understand there are many ways in which to lead, influence and make decisions and we constantly endeavour to assist our beneficiaries in finding their niche and style.

NOYED-Ghana believes in order to effectively participate in democracy and decision-making processes, whether at a community, national or international level citizens must develop skills and knowledge on issues that affect them.

We also promote women’s empowerment and governance within our own organisation. While we believe in equal opportunity for men and women, we strongly encourage and support women to work and volunteer with NOYED-Ghana, as well as support their skill development and learning opportunities through assisting with training and school.

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