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The Team

NOYED-Ghana is proud to be represented and managed by a young and dynamic team. While the organisation may be small our staff and volunteers are ambitious, determined, passionate and effective in their day-to-day running of the organisation, as well as successful in the development and implementation of projects and initiatives. The team is made up of the Executive Director, Accounts and Administration Officer, Programmes Officer, Communication and Fundraising Officer, Coordinating Officer, Project Assistant and Office Assistant. NOYED-Ghana supports both local and international volunteerism, which has resulted a multicultural and vibrant organisation, which has been supported by Ghanaian, Australian and Canadian volunteers.

The Board of Directors is made up of five members whose role is to guide affairs in accordance with the objectives of the organisation. They support the organisation marketing activities to the donor community and securing funding to ensure the organisation’s longevity and financial fluidity. In addition the Board approves budgets and authorises expenditure, monitors, evaluates and supervises the performance of the organisation.

Northern region

Northern region

Staff of NOYED

A. A. Iddi – Executive Director

Mr. A. A. Iddi holds a BA in Integrated Development Studies (IDS) with a specialty in Social and Development Administration from the University for Development Studies (UDS) Wa Campus. He has recently completed his Master’s in Philosophy in Development Studies at UDS in Tamale. He is a founding member of NOYED-Ghana and has been the Executive Director since its inception in 2005.

A trailblazer at heart, Iddi led many leadership teams throughout his youth. He acted as the President within the Student Representative Council (SRC) of his university, as well as a Board Member. He participated in the Third Trimester Field PracticalsProgramme of his university, and held the position as zone D leader of the Ghana Red Cross Society, and lastly was the Northern Regional Youth Wing Coordinator of the Ghana United Nations Students and Youth Associations.

He is committed to NOYED-Ghana’s vision and endeavours to create long lasting partnerships. These partnerships would be with local, national, and international organizations alike, businesses and individuals. He hopes these relationships prove successful in increasing the impact and influence of programmes and campaigns being delivered to Ghana’s northern communities.

Mr. A.A. Iddi has been involved with aid and development sectors almost a decade, and through his work with NGOs, he feels his revolutione with NOYED-Ghana is a lifestyle rather than a source of livelihood.

Northern region

Fayudatu Yakubu – Project Assistant

A motivated 22-year-old woman from Tamale Fayuda’s education is a product of the Institute of Commercial Management-United Kingdom (ICM-UK), where she was awarded a Graduate Diploma in Business Management.

She has been working in the development sector for the past three years across a number of different areas including health, education, and sanitation.

She has experience in sponsorship, partnership development, assessment, monitoring and evaluation, workshop and training delivery.

Her strong passion for development, which continues to grow, enables me to carry out my duties with enjoyment and a genuine love for the work I do.

Her work as Project Assistant with NOYED-Ghana has already been an asset to the organization and she looks forward to the continued experiences, challenges and knowledge it will bring me. She feel NOYED-Ghana is an organisation where she will grow, learn and be able to make a significant and positive impact with her skills and knowledge in the lives of women and children in Ghana. Sabrina Ward –

Northern region

Sabrina Ward - Coordinating assistant

Sabrina Ward is NOYED’s newest volunteer taking the position of coordinating assistant. She will be in Tamale for a three-month placement. At 20 years of age, he holds an Associate of Arts Degree in Political Science from Camosun College in Victoria, Canada. She has some experience in political event coordination and once held the position as Youth Facilitator on her local Electoral District Association from 2012-2013.

Although she is here for a short term, Sabrina is very excited to be a part of the NOYED-Ghana team as she shares the organization’s beliefs and core objectives. Her passion resides in the advocacy of gender equality through the empowerment of women, as well as access to basic education for all children. She is motivated to gain experience outside of her home country, as she would like to pursue further schooling in international relations.

Northern region

Mohammed Awal Abukari – Accounts and Administration Officer

Mr. Mohammed Awal Abukari holds a National Diploma in Marketing and a Diploma in Education from the University of Education in Winneba. He has also completed a number of courses on effective financial management and other disciplines in development work.

With an innovative, positive and tenacious personality, it comes as no surprise that he too is also one of the founding members of NOYED-Ghana. He is committed to the vision of NOYED-Ghana and has been very influential in the implementation of programmes throughout the country. As a teacher within Tamale, he has a strong focus and passion for education, believing that each child has the right to basic quality education.

Mr. Mohammed AwalAbukari is a Red Cross member and has been working as a volunteer for NGO’s for more than fifteen years. He sees Ghana’s strong potential for growth in the future and furthermore has faith that through strategic collaboration, NOYED-Ghana will continue to positively contribute to the efforts of sustainable development.

Northern region

Abdul Rashid – Programmes Officer

Mr Abdul-Rashid holds a Teacher’s Certificate “A”, and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Ghana in Economics and Psychology. He is one of the founding members of NOYED-Ghana, and holds the position of Programmes Officer of Health/Gender and Good Governance.

He also holds the position as NOYED-Ghana’s representative on the Tacking Poverty Together Initiative for the United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) as well as the Swedish National Youth Council. Through his efforts and hard work in the field of child labour, Mr. Abdul-Rashid has been awarded certificates by the Student World Assembly in collaboration with UNICEF, as well as a certificate by GOI PEACE.

Through his vision and charitable nature, Mr. Abdul-Rashid also has more than a decade worth of experience in voluntary and NGO work.

Northern region

Carla Johnson – Communications and Fundraising Officer

Always one for wanting to make the world a better place, combined with her love for quality media and journalism led Carla Johnson to join the NOYED-Ghana team as the Communications and Fundraising Officer in February 2014 through the Australian Government Initiative, Australia Volunteers for International Development.

Carla graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Journalism and International Relations, and from the Global Environmental Journalism Initiative exchange program at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in 2011.

Her passion for media and communications has seen Carla work in the industry both in Europe and Tasmania. She has worked and studied as a journalist in Belgium, reporting on the European Union and Denmark covering political, environmental and humanitarian issues.

In Tasmania, Carla has worked as a freelance journalist, newsreader, news assistant, as the volunteer Tasmanian Communications Coordinator for Oaktree, Australia’s largest entirely volunteer and youth-run aid and development organisation and as a consultant for Tasmania’s leading public relations firm, Font PR.

Through Carla’s studies, travels and work across Europe, Asia and Africa she has developed a strong passion for politics, human rights and the environment. Carla is now dedicated to using her constantly growing skills set to support not-for-profit organisations and campaigns at a social and political level.

Northern region

Abdul Wahab Hamdia – Administration assistant

Abdul WahabHamdia is 24 years of age and grew up in Tamale. She also completed her senior high schooling here in Tamale at the Institute of Business Studies. Currently, she is the administration assistant for the Net Organisation for Youth Empowerment and Development.

Ever ambitious, Hamdia is working towards her degree in Secretarial Management at the Tamale Worker’s College, and afterwards plans to pursue her high national diploma. Ultimately, she hopes to gain a career in secretarial management.