Mohammed Awal Abukari

Mr. Mohammed Awal Abukari holds a Bachelor of business administration (Human Resource Management) and a Diploma in Education from the University of Education in Winneba. He has also completed a number of courses on effective financial management, Advocacy and other disciplines in development work. With an innovative, positive and tenacious personality, it comes as no surprise that he one of the founding members of NOYED-Ghana. He is committed to the vision of NOYED-Ghana and has been very influential in the implementation of programmes throughout the country. With background in teaching, he has a strong focus and passion for education, believing that each child has the right to basic quality education. Mr. Mohammed Awal Abukari is a Red Cross member and has been working as a volunteer for NGO’s for more than fifteen years. He sees Ghana’s strong potential for growth in the future and furthermore has faith that through strategic collaboration, NOYED-Ghana will continue to positively contribute to the efforts of sustainable development.

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