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NOYED-Ghana understands local, national and international engagement is vital to successful development. Therefore we aim to engage volunteers, stakeholders and community members through volunteerism, events, fundraising, campaigns and projects in order to have the most effective and positive impact on society.

We believe inengaging Ghanaians through community led campaigns and through promoting volunteering in order to achieve sustainable and long-term social changes.

NOYED-GHANA believes everyone has the right to quality basic education and that both formal and non-formal education plays a vital role in improved and sustainable development.

At NOYED-Ghana we ensure our projects are educationally focused, in both delivery and content. From building teacher capacity to improving sexual health, from peer-to-peer education to workshops we aim to improve education andopportunities for societies vulnerable.

NOYED-Ghana believes that through engaging and educating society’s vulnerable, we are able empower them. By empowering an individual or community we are providing them with the opportunity and ability to achieve, undertake or understand something not possible before.

Ultimatelyour projects and campaigns aim to empower women, youth and children to improve their health, education and livelihoods.