The Team

Mr. A.A. Iddi
Executive Director

Mr. A. A. Iddi holds a BA in Integrated Development Studies (IDS) with a concentration in Social and Development Administration and a Master’s in Philosophy in Development Studies from the University for Development Studies (UDS) Wa Campus. He is a founding member of NOYED-Ghana and has been the Executive Director since its inception in 2005.

A trailblazer at heart, Iddi led many leadership teams throughout his youth and school days. Most outstanding among these leadership roles are: President of the Student Representative Council (SRC); Secretary to the Judiciary Board of the Graduate Students Association; SRC Representative on the Third Trimester Field Practical’s Programme Board (TTFPP) for 2 years, all at the University for Development Studies, Wa Campus; Assistant Collage Secretary, Tamale Training College; Northern Regional Youth Wing Coordinator of the Ghana United Nations Students and Youth Associations (GUNSA); and Zonal Leader, Zone ‘D’ of the Ghana Red Cross Society.

He is committed to NOYED-Ghana’s vision and endeavors to create long-lasting partnerships. These partnerships would be with local, national, and international organizations alike, businesses, and individuals. He hopes these relationships prove successful in increasing the impact and influence of programs and campaigns being delivered to communities in Ghana, particularly in the north.

Beyond mainstream education, he has also undertaken and participated in a series of courses and workshops both locally and internationally to deepen his credentials and capacity to deliver on the organizational mandate. He has successfully managed relationships and projects with major partners such as Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), EMpower, and the Emerging Market Foundation Limited, to mention but a few.

Mr. A.A. Iddi has been involved with the aid and development sectors for more than a decade now, and through his work with NGOs, he feels his involvement with NOYED-Ghana is more of a lifestyle than a source of livelihood.

Mr. Mohammed Awal Abukari
Accounts and Finance Manager

Mr. Mohammed Awal Abukari holds a Bachelor of business administration (Human Resource Management) and a Diploma in Education from the University of Education in Winneba. He has also completed a number of courses on effective financial management, Advocacy and other disciplines in development work.

With an innovative, positive and tenacious personality, it comes as no surprise that he one of the founding members of NOYED-Ghana. He is committed to the vision of NOYED-Ghana and has been very influential in the implementation of programmes throughout the country. With background in teaching, he has a strong focus and passion for education, believing that each child has the right to basic quality education.

Mr. Mohammed Awal Abukari is a Red Cross member and has been working as a volunteer for NGO’s for more than fifteen years. He sees Ghana’s strong potential for growth in the future and furthermore has faith that through strategic collaboration, NOYED-Ghana will continue to positively contribute to the efforts of sustainable development.

Mr. Sulemana S. Zulka
Programmes Officer

Sulemana S. Zulka is young graduate with passion in learning and a self-motivated person. Hailed from Tamale in the Northern Region of Ghana. He attended Business Senior High school (BISCO), Tamale for his secondary education. He went further to University of Education where he pursued a degree in BSc. Information and Communication Technology.

He did his teaching practice at BISCO and worked with Information Technology Foundation (I.T.F), Tamale as an intern. He also did his national service at Gambaga College of Education where he served under the office of Quality Assurance Unit.

While in school and during his national service programme, he served as General Secretary for Dagbong Students Association (DASA) and Financial Secretary for East Mamprusi Municipal National Service Personnel (NASPA) respectively.

He has attended many workshops for learning. Among these include; Supported Teaching in School (STS) at Gambaga College of Education. Transforming Teacher Education and Learning (T-TEL) and Gender Responsive and Inclusive Program (GRIP).

He is currently working with NOYED-GHANA, as a Project Officer responsible for the Youth Center for Entrepreneurial Empowerment (Y-CEE) a project funded by EMpower. He has added responsibilities for the update of the organizational website and social media handles.

He is committed to the realization of the organization’s mains objectives and any task assigned to him to ensure that the goals of NOYED-GHANA are achieved.


Team work, hardworking, commitment, trustworthy, respectful, self-motivated, goal- oriented and self-determination are the main driven forces he works with.

Ms. Betinim Alberta
Administrative Assistant

Ms. Betinim Alberta holds a Diploma in Business Studies (DBS) at Amesion Secretarial Institute in Tamale and currently offering her Higher National Diploma (HND) in Secretariatship and Management   at the Tamale Technical University.

Alberta has been working with NOYED-Ghana as an Administrative Assistant since 2015 till date. She is a hardworking and a committed staff.   She relates well with all other staff and creates a lasting impression in the minds of visitors and partners of the organisation

Alberta has high energies and hopes to graduate to programmes at a certain stage. For this reason, she interns periodically with the programmes department.

Abdullai Mudasir
Master Trainer

Mr. Mudasir has worked in the field of welding and fabrication for 10 years now and know the in and out of welding and fabrications. He started learning the job in the 2008 under a master trainer

After graduating from the master trainer as master on his own, he went back to him to help him in the work.

After working for him for some time, he was recruited by NOYED-Ghana as a master trainer to train the trainees, both men/women in the welding and fabrication.

He had a lot of experience and expertise in making various artefacts, such as cooking stoves, tanks, canopies, containers, wheelbarrows etc.

Amadu Ayisha
Y-CEE Supervisor

Amadu Ayisha is an SSS graduate who joined NOYED-Ghana five (5) years ago.Her initial assignment was a care-taker volunteer in charge of the Youth Center for Entrepreneurial Empowerment (Y-CEE), where she supervised the release of materials for the learning of the trainees. She was also responsible for arranging their daily needs to ensure the trainees were well attended to and in position to learn without challenges.

Currently, she is supporting the project officer under the Professional Female Tricycle Driving (PFTD) project to ensure that all necessary logistics, including feeding, renting of tricycles, fueling to mention but a few are adequately provided for the success of the project.

Ayisha is happily married with two kids.